Pizza Review
Salerno’s has been around for ages and recently in the great year of a shit show that is 2020 the did a revamp of there indoor and now outdoor seating. The pizza is a solid 7.8 because it’s good but not mind blowing like riding a jet ski with Ana de Armas naked in Belize. The only way to get a good pie at a place like this is thin crust Chicago style with green peppers and sausage no fuggin mushrooms either. Save that stuff for the vesuvio. The cheese is a nicely well toasted tectonic plate that all seems to move together as a unit. The ingredients are good especially the sausage as this is an Italian eatery where you can get anything including chicken wings and or even an whole plate of gabagool. The sauce is pretty basic but well applied. Not too much where you take one bite and it looks like you just had a vampire feeding on some young virgins neck. And finally the crust is fairly basic with a more flat crackery bite. I’d order it again and will offer the advise of adding 12 $3 PBRs to your meal for a proper good time. 🤙