Pizza Review
So, this pizza had me questioning my past review scores and not particularly in a good way. I had to go back and check the scores of some of the better pizzas that i have had in the past 2 months, and I am getting the feeling that I may have been stingy with my previous scores. I feel like maybe I was reserving 9s and above for something that might not truly exist. This pizza was great there was very little not to like. The sauce is sweet and fresh, the char on the crust is crunchy and flavorful but when I look at the Prez's score of 9.3 i guess i was expecting something else. I cant say that I am dissatisfied or disappointed but maybe some of my past scores were low. Ive only given out one 9.5 and that was my hometown favorite, Caserta in PVD. I am re evaluating my scoring from here out. As a pizza connoisseur we must keep learning from our experiences and tailor our craft to continue to evolve and hone our tastebuds in an effort to cultivate a more honest pizza culture. Sally's changed my Pizza Life.