Pizza Review
*THIS REVIEW IS ON SERVICE NOT PIZZA QUALITY* Hard to do a One Bite review when I didn’t get one bite of pizza after over an hour wait. Nothing in my life has compelled me to write a review more than the disastrous experience I had at this establishment. I waited over an hour on a Monday night for ONE large mozzarella pie. At least 4 groups that sat down after us received their larger orders before us, not to mention countless order pickups that received their orders immediately upon arrival. Should have known it was going to be bad when a bottle of water wasn't brought to our table when ordered at the counter. Absolutely appalling service that showed 0 urgency to get us a pie despite multiple complaints, and didn't even know the table numbers were (as they brought pizzas to wrong tables on multiple occasions). Took them 45 minutes to even update us that a delay was existent, saying it would be out in 20 minutes, which was not the case. Servers kept saying they were "all backed up" on a Monday night, despite being half full when we arrived and prioritizing pickups over all outdoor patrons. Manager was only there to give refunds, did not check on any table despite the ridiculous delay. It is beyond me how one cheese pizza took at least over an hour. I say at least because my table never received our pizza and are currently hoping for a refund. Could not be more upset, would rather just get Frank Pepe's down the street and eat in my car. Will be going to Frank Pepe's every time I'm in New Haven in the future instead. After my experience today Sally's does not deserve a second chance.