Pizza Review
Ok, first of all we’re not dealing with bright people at Sal’s. Placed an order online, got a call from a lady at Sal’s . She’s calling me to tell me I’m out of the delivery range? Ok, what’s the delivery range? Patrick she says. I tell her that’s three blocks from where I live? Nope! Can’t do it! You’re out of range. What? We’re in the middle of a pandemic and restaurants are going out of business. And they won’t take my $60 order because I’m three blocks out range?? Can you say brain dead!!Lol I live off of Russel and Pecos by the way. Almost canceled. But I went and picked it up. Got the Sal’s combination and the five cheese Sicilian. Combo had decent cheese, ingredients were good quality. Sauce was mediocre at best. Not bad but nothing special. Crust had average flop. Definitely not enough crisp. Above average pizza, nothing special. Sicilian pizza was absolute garbage. Couldn’t finish the first piece. Reminded me of middle school pizza, or that crappy frozen French dough pizza you use to eat as a kid! Lol way too thick and doughy. I’ve never had Sicilian pizza like this, unless it was frozen pizza. They need to take this off the menu and stick to the NY style.