Pizza Review
This location used to be Las Vegas pizza Levittown seriously my favorite pizza as a teenager and young adult for two decades 80s-90s . Probably has switched owners about 4x since however Salvatore’s is my go to pie guy being in business for a little under 2 years. I am finally hooked . This pizza is consistent the dough is tops for flavor taste and crunch in all the right spots on a slice its crust is superb the sauce is delicious not tangy not too sweet just perfect and the cheese is balanced perfectly and cooked slightly well done for that amazing culmination of a great slice.Finally something special is 10 minutes away and my man is always smiling truly makes love to each and every Italian delicacy on his menu I wish he’d take over the competition watch out Amatos there’s a new pizza slinger in town and no one can come close on his clam pie and grandmas pizza .