Pizza Review
Here’s a first (aside from Papa John’s calling me out on Twitter). The owner of Sammy’s sent me a message wanting me to review his pizza. A 40 minute drive to Niagara Falls and excuse the picture, I had to take one at home as the app would refresh and force me to take a new pic. On to the review! The dough. Evidence of cornmeal on the bottom to give it some crispness. Similar to a cracker like crust, it had a clean bite and was cooked well. We ordered the “NY Style” but it’s more of a Buffalo NY style. Not bad but it’s not your big, easy to fold thin NY slice. Aerating the dough before you add sauce might be something to experiment with (I know the owner is reading this). The cheese, standard and pre shredded. It has a lower milk fat content as there was hardly any grease on the parchment paper. There was oregano sprinkled on top of the slice, always a bonus. The sauce. Well, it needs a little help. Most places add water to their paste to help distribute and get the most out of the sauce. They did it here but played it safe by not adding too much sugar! It’s not sweet, bonus, but it needs more. I couldn’t taste the sauce as much in with the slice but it was there. Overall… This is one of the better “bar” pies that I’ve had. It’s a 6.8 pie all day long. My suggestion- make the NY pie thinner and bigger and use flour for just the NY style instead of cornmeal. Bonus- the owner brought out a couple of specialty slices that were great! If you’re in the area, stop by Sammy’s. Cool guy and good pizza. Thanks for the invite!