I was impressed by Sam’s. It looked about as average as a slice of pizza could be, but was definitely above average. Cheese solid sauce solid good crisp really wasn’t lacking in any department. But still not special so couldn’t land in 8’s. Good pizza. 7.9
Pizza Review
A Jersey Shore boardwalk institution since 1957, this is a top spot for locals; but it’s the summertime “Bennys” & “Phillies” that really make this business boom. Like most old school pizzerias, this is cash only. They charge $20.50 for a large pie; which is designed to generate “keep the change tips.” If that’s how they’re gonna roll, $18.50 would be more customer friendly. Aesthetically, it’s a really nice looking, very traditional, boardwalk “Football Pizza.” The dough is tasty, with a charred undercarriage, solidly firm, no flop, with super thick doughy crust, and virtually no crisp. The cheese is fairly standard, slightly creamy, with a notch above average flavor. I expected the dark red sauce to be sweet and flavorful; but shockingly, the sauce has more of a bitter tang with a little zip on it, lacking in sweetness, a very distinct, somewhat dull flavor. I didn’t hate the sauce, certainly didn’t love it; but it just didn’t knock my socks off. Overall, it’s a significantly heavy pie, very similar to Prep’s in Ocean City, NJ, especially when it comes to the crust. For boardwalk pizza, this is very good; definitely better than most beach pies. However, they don’t pick up the phone to place orders during busy hours and this isn’t the type of pizza worth waiting in lines that run over 20 minutes. While it’s worth a try if you’re in the area, this spot is a little overhyped as a pizza travel destination.