Pizza Review
Ok Frankie we are at San Fransisco Place (pizza review time feb 12th 12:30pm)... we are in Brampton-> it’s freezing—> it’s Canada -> and we came all the way out here to try this pizza-> good people -> dodgy plaza -> we usually wouldn’t pull in plazas like this —> but as we wrap up our Brampton pizza tour this place was definitely on our list -> one bite everyone knows the rules-> dough is like ‘pizza pizza’s’ and the sauce was cheap like that as well ... it was less greasy than ‘pizza pizza’ and the cheese was good -> it wasn’t great -> but it was good -> we find a little bit of salt in the cheese ok and this was ok and the undercarriage wasn’t going to get any better given the ingredients-> crust was crispy and it did have zero flop ... (some would call it cardboard-ish Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would - We wouldn’t).. but we do say that if it’s pizza ? at some level It must’ve be good enough for someone to consider selling it —> and that’s what we think of this pizza (1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 ->) ~> 6.3 (professional score) San Fransisco Place! Good food! Great people! Fresh food! Better dough ? This pizzas in the 7s -> Better cheese? high 7s -> actual sauce made specifically for the pizza & not used for the spaghetti and everything else -> and perhaps real garlic instead of garlic powder Frankie -> all this ? and this pizza is in the 8s... but this pizza isn’t all of that !!! but it’s not bad at all either -> its just good pizza for a good price -> and if we lived near here? we’d eat here all the time -(bonus review -> chicken wings-> Chinese style deep fried - Franks hot sauce on side -> 5.7 score on the wings) and in a world where there is no bad pizza -> 6.3 on the pizza that’s a review!