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Bland, flavorless, overpriced. Very disappointed

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Pizza Review
Santillo's was the very first place I booked marked when I downloaded the app after watching the prez's review, and seeing how hilarious Al was. In that regard this visit went almost exactly like I had planned, as I walked down the narrow alley in between santillo's and the place beside it and had to yell my order through a storm door window. Lo and behold some younger kid comes to the window to take my order and I told him that I drove over 6 hours to get here and I was on a pizza trip to hit all the top spots in Jersey and asked if I could get a picture with Al. Al asked me to come inside and I hung out and talk to Pizza while he made orders for about 15 to 20 minutes, he was exactly like he acted in the barstool video, and that was definitely not an act! Well he may be opinionated he is extremely proud of his product and prepares each Pizza like it's his very last! When Al asked what I wanted I told him that I had to do a review of a cheese pizza, but that what style of pie I received was up to him, as he has dozens of different styles of crusts and cook times, all of which are named by the year they originally came out. He made me the 1964 and cooked it for 9 minutes, and the rest is history! More crunch than you could ever ask for and the flavor on this is unlike anything I'd ever had! Often times I go to a nationally famous spot with extremely high expectations and I'm slightly let down, this happened most famously at Sally's in New Haven, however the exact opposite happened in this instance! I went there with just as high expectations as I had for any of the places in New Haven, and santillos came through and not only match them but exceeded what I had hoped for! As of this writing, this is my only 9.5, and is my highest score in over 100 reviews, which include the likes of all of the top dogs from New Haven and the greater Boston area! I'm really glad I made the trip out here to give santillo's a review while Al was still running the show, because there's no knowing how much longer he's going to work.