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Pizza Review
The 2020 breaks a 9. The pie here is delicious. And it’s the best crust I’ve ever had in my life. Got the 1964 and the 2020 and they both had a great (and distinct) flavor. Al really is a master because the pies….sure they were delicious but at the same time, they were also unique. Each pie truly had its own unique flavor profile. And the crust on both of these pies was unreal. I can see why Al won so many awards. Every single bite had a delicious crispy crunch to it. EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. Probably the best crust I’ve ever had in my life. By the time I got to the end, I was really savoring each little bite of the buttery crust. Al is a real character and all heart. Got the chance to talk to him for a little bit and you can tell he truly loves what he does. When I told him I came all the way out from Queens to try his pizza he said “I love meeting people who are as excited about good pizza as I am!” ♦️The 1964 (MY PIZZA SCORE 8.9🍕) —💥slightly sweet sauce —💥FULL OF FLAVOR and Italian spices. —💥delicious all around flavor ♦️The 2020: (My pizza score 9.2🍕) —💥THIS ONE FOR ME WAS MY FAVORITE🤫. The fresh mozz and San Marzano tomatoes take this pie to a whole other level. —💥Delicious buttery crust —💥Tomatoes taste like they were plucked right off the vine, then seasoned, and then cooked right on my pizza. So so so fresh!!!! ✅ PRO TIPS ✅ —💥Be sure to look at the menu and see how you want it cooked. Each pie is baked to order so for me, I ordered my pizzas to be baked with a Dark Golden Crust and it came out perfect!! I’m gonna order it like that every time. —💥Let the pizza cool off for a few minutes and you’ll really get a chance to taste even more flavors. —💥No credit card. Pay with EXACT cash or VENMO.