Pizza Review
1957 Style Thin-Crust 14" cooked to a 10. The 10 is the level of done-ness. I went a little over-board as the 10 is described as brown/black crust and their menu's description is accurate. Would go with a 9 next time. Regardless, the charred crust combined with the cheese and best SAUCE EVER made it all come together. The whole eating experience was like a symphony. Man, that SAUCE though! Did I mention the sauce? Every bite was crispy and had jusssst enough "soft". Crispy, thin and doughy? It's complex. If you've had other cracker-like pizza you'd be able to differentiate. This is thin-crust, but not like a cracker (Nancy's Towne House). An incredible amount of love and attention to detail go into this pizza -- over a century's worth.