Pizza Review
Pizza review just blocks away from downtown Tampa. Nice family run restaurant and they are proud to be a New Jersey themed restaurant, even though they say New York Style on some of their advertisements. Saw many pictures of my old time favorite place Seaside Height NJ on the wall. 1. Slice was a slight bit smaller than avereage but the price was also a slight bit cheaper. 2. Dough had no flop and was made to perfectuon. 3. They use the Grande brand cheese, which I learned about years ago in Upstate NY, and is among my favorites. 4. I did 2 other reviews, out of my over 50+ in the past, and found that they had an oregano taste and aroma that slightly over powered the overall pizza. The other 2 places got high ratings from the public and this one I will give good too. My suggestion to this place is to cook the oregeno into the sauce only, and not add more, just my opinion!!