Pizza Review
I believe the score needs to overall bump up to an 8+ at least. Hope this will help the pizzeria gain customers (Reason for the 10). My family was very pleased with our pizza. Very nice crust, great sauce, enjoyable cheese (I’m lactose intolerant, so it wasn’t overwhelming), and the meats were all great not too salty. As a first timer, have to say I was very impressed. I looked around the restaurant, talked with the owner, and found out he was actually from Italy. I could see how much care he put into his craft, and I have to say it was well worth the risk trying it. Next time I’ll want to try it stuffed crust though. Now, what to critique: I like my dough a little more burnt (Light black spots), enough to give it a crisp bite, so maybe they could try that? It was cooked fine, just want less chew and more of a bite feel. Sauce tasted great, just wish I had more to balance the crust ratio. Otherwise, perfect pizza! Definitely will be back to try it again! Will say probably the best pizza I had in San Antonio yet.