Pizza Review
πŸ• The White Pie : mozzarella, ricotta, sausage, red onion, hot honey . πŸ’­ I was surprised when the pizza came out and it looked nothing like the pizza next door at the pizzeria. I learned the pizza served at the restaurant is much thinner with unique toppings you can’t get at the pizzeria. I like a slightly thicker crust but I ended up being glad it was thinner since I ate the whole thing myself after taking down the lasagna πŸ˜† I love sausage and ricotta on pizza and the white pie paired beautifully with the saucy lasagna. Just wish they used less red onion and touch more honey. The crust is phenomenal crust although a little burnt in some areas. Underbelly is thin & light but crispy and charred. Great hand pinched sausage and ricotta is well dispersed. Only thing I’d change would be less red onion and touch more honey to really make it pop. Very happy with the pizza/pasta here. Highly recommend πŸ‘πŸΌ