Pizza Review
One bite everyone knows the rules.... This pizza looks like a million bucks and I'm dressed like a million bucks because I'm on my way to be sworn into the son's of Italy. I figured I needed a true taste of home before I took the oath of my people so it only makes sense to get true Italian pizza When Saverios opened I lived in an apartment across the street. I was a rookie pizza reviewer at the time. I wasn't ready for the big leagues HOWEVER the second I tried Saverios i knew the game had been changed. I was punching way above my weight class. Now as a seasoned veteran who has been in the shit and seen tours of pizza duty I'm ready for this review SOLID pie!!!! Quality ingredients. The homemade mozzarella has just the right amount of creaminess and pull. It gives off a solid amount of oil showing you it is quality shit. The sauce has a great balance between the taste of tomato and tanginess. It's actually alittle more tangy than I remember. The dough is amazingly crisp on the outside and airy on the inside. My only complaint is I think it could use alittle more salt. This pizza is the perfect example of when you don't fuck with a good thing you're going to get good things over and over! You want a girl to think you are a high roller with some refined underground Italian taste this is where you take her. By the end of the night you'll have her screaming FORZA!!!!!!! THATS A REVIEW!