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Pizza Review
Ok. Like 47 bites, everyone knows there’s no rules. I’ve had scratch pizza a few times. They’re pretty good. At first I thought it was a chain moving into the area because they have a very professional look about them. Logos, custom boxes, fancy signs and website with online ordering. But they’re not. They’re a mom and pop trio of 3 restaurants(for now). If you have followed my other reviews, you’ll see a trend. I review pepperoni pizzas. It’s my favorite topping, and if you can’t get this right, you should quit making pizza. The one pictured is actually triple pepperoni with basil and garlic butter crust. Why triple pep with basil? Cause they have a 4 topping special! Anyway, it’s a good pizza. A little bit of a flop (keeps it out of the 7s) but great flavor. A little on the doughy side, but NOT and I repeat NOT the California “load it up with cheese” mess that many California pizza places do. The crust on the handle side has a nice crunch to it. If you ask for it well-done it will take a lot of the flop out. Really good sauce and they used over-sized pepperonis. Not quite deli counter sized, but about twice as big around as a regular hormel slice. The basil and garlic butter though are great add ons. Bonus review: they’re one of the few places in the region that has PEPPERONI ROLLS. I love pepperoni rolls(see my profile picture, those are my home made pepperoni rolls, a 9.9) Scratch Pepperoni Rolls are really good. The best I’ve had outside of western Pennsylvania/west Virginia. But there’s a trick to ordering them. The plain pepperoni rolls I’d give the same as the pizza, 6.8. But ask for them to be brushed with garlic butter. Trust me. Garlic butter on these pepperoni rolls = 8.7. I haven’t had pizza from their other two locations, but the pics I’ve seen indicate they maintain quality across all 3 spots, and with only 3 spots in fairly close geographical area, that should be easy to do. Basically, if you want a decent pizza that’s a little heavier than a traditional NY pie, head over to get a pizza, handmade, from Scratch.
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