Pizza Review
With no regular cheese pizza on the menu, I opted for this sharp-looking margherita pie. If this looks familiar, that’s because it’s basically imitation Grimaldi’s made with NJ water instead of NY and you can taste the difference in the dough. Like so many of the wood-fired pizzas I’ve tried, there is an overall lacking of crispness, so much so, the dough is actually soggy and super floppy. The sauce is decent with the crushed plum tomatoes but is not as flavorful as I had hoped, could use more garlic and spices. Like most margherita pies, the fresh mozzarella is nicely melted and browned where it bubbles. It’s a fairly light and thin pizza but the crust needs some serious crisping. The fresh basil and olive oil is a nice touch but not enough to enhance the flavor of the sauce. It’s a good try but these are New York prices for New Jersey quality pizzas. Lots of room for improvement.