Pizza Review
I finally remembered to look for secret pizza while passing through the cosmo this year, as I’m questing to try all the unique places to get slices on the strip. By now there are plenty of guides to how to find it, so I’ll leave that out. Let’s just say, based on the massive line, it’s not really a secret any more. Overall: it was a flavorful slice that did not disappoint. In Vegas, there are 3 tiers of slices, cheap garbage slices. Usually from the chains that are on the strip. Not awful, but I’d usually rather go anywhere else, even not get pizza. Second tier are the good slice places that are usually worth walking to the next hotel or deeper into the hotel to find. This is where secret pizza ranks. And third tier are the mind-blowing, go there if you have any chance at all to make it, type places. The good: nice thin crispy slice. Flavorful ingredients. Over-sized pepperoni, Fresh and hot. A good variety of slices available, including some massive Sicilian slices, they looked great but I wasn’t hungry enough to try one this trip, maybe next time. Staff was kind and courteous. If you have rewards from the cosmopolitan, you can take the receipt to the rewards desk to get them applied to your account. Pizza had a nice fold, a good grease drip, and a good crisp in the crust. Would definitely stop back in if I’m at or near the cosmo. The bad: it had an odd aftertaste, not necessarily bad, but just unusual. Also if you’re afraid of being in tight places around others, you’ll get major claustrophobia from this place. The slices were a little too big to be comfortable eating 2, but a little too small to feel satisfied with just one, but that’s a very personal thing. Severe lack of seating, expect to eat your slice on the go. Needs more sauce. The place definitely owes a lot of its sales to the hype of being a “secret place” to eat. I highly doubt it would have the huge lines if it wasn’t a “secret” pizza place, since several better places around the strip had much shorter lines. Overall, among the better slices on the strip, for sure, but not the most amazing experience ever.