Pizza Review
Aright Frankie, we're here at the corner of Cannon and Kensington. Shorty's Pizza. We have a saying here in The Hammer - If the neighbourhood is shit, the pizza is legit. If the pizza flops, you're runnin from the cops. #onebiteeverybodyknowstherules It's good pizza Frankie. Huge east end flop, thin crust, good crisp. Sauce has a little tang but not sweet, very tasty. Little curled up pepperonis are so god damn cute. The crust is controversial...sesame seed! I don't like the sesame. We're not on Sesame Street this is Cannon, home of the Tiger Cats, we eat 'em raw. Good atmosphere, kind of hipster but not annoying. It's understated and clean. An enjoyable place to have a slice or a pie. Great value at $4.75 per slice. The slices are huge. Probably the best pizza in the city. I put them slightly ahead of Knead. I wish I could have tried a grandma slice but they ran out. Shorty's, a must have slice in The Hammer. That's a review.