Pizza Review
I just moved back home to Indiana from Chicago so I was excited to review some of my places that I frequented before heading to Illinois. This small joint is a consistent quick and convenient pickup. A pet peeve of mine is when reviewers on here give a small business bad ratings, because they simply didn't really like the taste; even though the pizza is executed perfectly. If you are a general fan of pizza and are open to a new spot other than your go-to, this is a great option. Anyway, I digress. What matters here is execution. Sicilian Joe's knows how to make a pizza. Crust is nice and thin, crispy, but supportive of the toppings. Very generous toppings, and sufficient cheese to marry it all together over a savory sauce (I strongly disagree with the exaggerated review calling it "paste"). This pizza uses the natural juice from the meat toppings to flavor the pizza, not overly salty. Very natural tasting. The size and quality to price ratio is fair. I've always liked this place and was never disappointed. With many other pizza options in the area, don't pass on this one; give it a shot.