Pizza Review
It says on the box “Best pizza on the SW lakeshore” but this is easily one of the best in the State of MI. Nothing compares to the garlic greek (add jalapeño). Crust: Thin, crispy, crunchy and flavorful with cheese to the edge every time. Just a touch of sweetness. No flop but that’s what you get with the square cut. - 9.2 Sauce: Sweet and tangy but still savory with herbs and spices. It’s not the star But compliments everything else. 8.7 Cheese: not sure what blend hey use but it’s got a unique flavor to it and not too greasy. 9.3 Toppings: High quality meats, fresh veggies and herbs. 8.9 One Bite Takeaway: Consistent every time, this take out-only joint always delivers (thank you). Tastes just as good or better as leftovers. The Whole here is greater than the sum of the parts. Because of its location (in a tourist town on the beach) this pizza is more expensive than most. But around 20 bucks for a 18” pizza this good is worth it. 9.1 that’s a review.