Pizza Review
Sauce to cheese ratio is a little off, needed more cheese. But nice and light with a great crunch

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Pizza Review
Didn’t have a picture of this delicious pizza so enjoy this Liver King pic… Would’nt have ever made an account on this either if it wasn’t for this pizza joint either, but I did because IT IS THAT GOOD. For one, I’ve tried as many pizza places as I could get my hands on. Everyone has their preferences on the perfect slice, and this place meets 90% of mine. The other 10% is up to everyone else and their preferences. Let me start by saying if you like a thin crunchy crust, with a sweet, tangy sauce. That doesn’t overwhelm you with cheese and oil. Than this is absolutely the place for you. The actual slice comes very thin, so much so it’ll stand up on its own as you hold it. The perimeter is perfectly cooked to where it is slightly burnt, but just enough to give you a pleasant bold taste and give you a delicious compliment to that perfect crunch and sweet sauce. Not to mention the sweet tangy tomato flavored sauce covering the pizza in an almost chunky fashion that makes every bite taste as good as the last. I could see the cheese leaving more to desire for some, and it may seem kind of few and far between compared to some places that slather the pizza in cheese and oil. This place could be considered the opposite relishing quality of quantity. The price is a little expensive for some, though I’m willing to argue it’s a bargain. But I promise you not a dollar spent here will go wasted. This is absolutely a 9/10 pizza joint for me. I couldn’t speak for the other SLICE locations but this one is BAR NONE the best. And easily my top dog for pizza places in south Jersey. If you have the chance, PLEASE GIVE THIS PLACE A TRY!!!!