Pizza Review
It’s a drive thru pizza place. I had a horrendous delivery experience at a different location in the city years ago. Place ended up shutting down. More positive experience here. Hit the drive thru and had my slice in 4 minutes. Though I know it is pre-baked, it wasn’t too bad. Tasted fresh enough and was crispy. I want to mention, DO NOT go through the drive thru if you’re going to ask for 8 slices to feed your family. You’re going to have to wait. Be a decent human being and order ahead if you want a full pizza. The pizza itself is a great value for the money. Besides Little Caesar’s, I’d argue it is the best value in the area. There was plenty of sauce and more savory. Cheese was sufficient. Pepperoni was crispy enough (was probably thrown on a cheese slice before hitting the conveyor belt). Anyway, I didn’t hate it and will be back for convenience to hit a craving.