Pizza Review
Location: Nice little spot tucked inside the small shopping plaza off of Dale Mabry. Location has gone through some slight renovations during the “Year Off”. Looks very family friendly inside. Staff: Lady who took my order was super nice and was very accurate with her cooking time. She told me 10 min and it was out in 10 min. Price: Very reasonable, looking over their entire menu and everything was very well priced. You’re going to pay for what you get... The Pie: G-R-E-A-S-E F-E-S-T The entire bottom of the box was covered in grease. The cheese would not stay on ANY of the dough. The crust (not crispy at all, nor was the entire pie crispy) had the most flavor. The cheese had me reminded of roller rink pizza. Not a fan unfortunately, there are a few other places around the area I can get better quality, better tasting, and better looking pizza. Slice: (4.2)