Pizza Review
Meat lovers, 16” hand tossed, dough is thin very hard to chew almost like rubber, very little flop, some of the meat toppings are ground and fall off the slice, very very thin pie only about 8th of inch thick off the crust to the middle, the meat toppings taste fresh but overall this pizza is bland has no Italian or spiced flavor very little sauce may contribute to the dried out cheese and lack of flavor. ( Explanation to my rating. ) By One Bite standards a normal large pizza chain rates is in the 4’s to high 5’s at top notch quality and service, We Tried this pizza multiple times and the consistency of the product has been the same every time we didn’t specialize anything just ordered off the menu, surprisingly this spot is a local favorite and highly recommended by many. By One Bite Standards a localized most recommend rating should stand low 6,s to low 7’s however since this is a local chain competing with larger chains i have to rate it fairly with its competition which is normally lower than localized favorites but I rate it 4.7 on a competitive scale