Pizza Review
There are certain slice joints that seem to dominate their surroundings in terms of quality. Upside in Midtown and Mamas Too! on the UWS come to mind. Sofia is another example, as they sling a cheese that is dressed to impress. The slice screams fresh, with a tangy sauce that stays with you, beckoning you to take another bite for some salty cheese to balance it out. The crust has a very closed crumb that forms a distinct crunchy bottom layer that resists the fold. Perhaps it’s even a little too crunchy - after all, what’s a NY slice without a fold? This is the slice for you as you cruise down first ave. The place is small, but has some stools facing the street through an open window. Perfect for a quick lunch away from the office. Stay and eat it fresh while you try to resist ordering another vodka slice (👌🏼) or a meatball pocket.

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