Pizza Review
This pie was a surprising one. Totally caught me by surprise. The grease was a little much and the flop was maximum. But let's start this with the GOOD The dough tastes like Little Caesars bread sticks. Which I actually really like but it also provides that doughy crunch. The pepperoni was zesty delicious and it stuck out immensely. The cheese was stringy delicious that just hit well on every corner. THE BAD There were 2 bad things about this pizza and 1 I might as well put it on here. The grease and the flop was a little too much. Literally the tips of the pizza were soggy messes. The sauce just didn't stand out to me but it was okay. But since I can't think of any positives I'll place it in the bad category. Overall this was a really good pizza. So good infact I felt like telling the workers. I definitely encourage you to go in and try a pie! I give it!