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Pizza Review
Alright Frankie we are at Station Pizza Parlour (review time Jan 22nd 3:10pm)... Locally owned, authentic Italian Pizza & Spaghetti Restaurant in Markham, Ontario since 1983–> they’re known for pizza excellence since the early 80s when pizza was just starting to boom around the greater Toronto area and the Organ Grinder in downtown Toronto was the pinnacle of all pizza parlours and this place came up in that time —> and has survived the test of time and has outlasted the majority of the old-school pizza parlours from its day—> it is truly a legendary place and it is truly sad to go there and see it as empty as it is —> and to see the salt of the earth people just in there hanging on trying to survive through this Covid madness—> being one of the best places in Markham this place was obviously on our list for quite some time and we finally made it all the way out here-> it’s January-> it’s cold -> it’s Canada and we came all the way out here to try the pizza -> our pizza was the first pizza of the day—> they had just fired up the ovens and we had to wait until 3PM to get our pizza and it was worth every second as we could not stop eating the entire pizza —> slice after slice —> bite after bite —> until the entire thing was gone—> we were pleasantly surprised by how good it still is after all these years and awesome to see their reputation still precedes themselves—> one bite everyone knows the rules—> Sauce is homemade and definitely has some tang to it —> extremely fresh ingredients and amazing taste —> crust had a little crisp and the undercarriage was charred to perfection—> it did suffer from a midtown rip and it had major flop ... ( some would call it football pie Frankie - I wouldn’t - some would - I wouldn’t)... we are as honest as the day is long and we review pizza and we won’t be swayed -—> 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> really good pie -> ate the entire thing —> we were the first pie of the day and they had to warm up the oven for us and we believe that had we been a few hours later ? that our pie would’ve been even better —> and it might’ve even cooked a little quicker and a little hotter giving this pie an easy score in the 8s ... when some of those dough That pop up -> is what we really wanted to see and a little bit hotter cooking time and we definitely would’ve seen those .... it was a situational thing—> as we were the first pizza of the day and We can only imagine that it gets better as the evening goes on—> they open their doors at 2:30PM and their first pie is ready just after 3PM... It was really good and we will be back for sure everything taken it into consideration ~> 7.7 (professional score) Station Pizza doing pizza right since 1983 and just the fact that they have stayed the test of time —> through all these years —> let’s you know how good they really are —> and how renowned they really are in Markham —> truly being one of the original pizza parlour joints in the Greater Toronto Area —> 7.7 that’s a review!