Pizza Review
To start, price was a little high for the size, but I look past that because good pizza is good pizza. I took my first slice of cheese off the pizza and with a gentle pull, the cheese slides right off the pizza and is pretty greasy. The taste is good, but there’s something off putting about the cheese. The dough near the middle was soggy but the ends were crunchy and good. The dough on a scale was pretty damn good. Good taste, well puffy yet crunchy at the same time. High marks on that. My score is based on the important part of the pizza, the cheese and the way it didn’t stick together at all, and dough at the center of the pizza was soggy. Pizza was good temperature and I think I will go back another time and order the large size and see if things change. Also the restaurant had a vast variety of food and beer that do look good too. To me 5.4 is not a bad score