Pizza Review
A bold score for a bold pie. Had the classic cheese and the pepperoni, both delicious. The sauce seems to be made with fresh tomatoes making it a bit too watery for my taste. This makes the dough lose its crunch at the bottom as well. Still, all the ingredients are fresh and high quality cheese. Overall, a really delicious pizza.

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Pizza Review
For a wood-fired, personal size, Neapolitan pizza, this is a pretty sharp-looking, unique pie. Not a cookie cutter, assembly line, standard Neapolitan pie; this is actually a rather atypical wood-fired pizza. With a firm undercarriage, crispy dough and crunchy crust, the texture is incredibly different from typical wood-fired pies. The bread crumbs underneath prevent sogginess and moisture buildup, creating a somewhat rough and rugged texture. Significant char atop the crust accompanies the crisp & crunch, borderline burnt, but tasty nonetheless. This is surprisingly heavy for a personal pie, particularly the amount of cheese. With ample fresh mozzarella spread across the surface, they’re not shy about the quantity of cheese. Creamy and tasty, but a tad too thick and not melted as thoroughly as the shredded blend, the cheese is also not as flavorful as I had hoped. The sauce is rather odd; glowing orange from the excess oil, this appears to be more of a vodka-like sauce in the center of the pie than a red tomato sauce that you can see closer to the crust. Not particularly tasty, the flavor is kind of all over the map. Not especially sweet, slightly bitter, there’s something missing in the sauce; in need of spice to jazz it up a bit, the sauce falls flat. A bit of shriveled baked basil doesn’t do much to add any extra flavor. All of these ingredients combine to make a very unique, well-constructed Neapolitan style pizza. However, this comes across as more of a “tavern pie,” but definitely not a bar pie. Better than a standard wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, this is a sexy looking pie; unfortunately it’s more of a feast for the eyes than for the taste buds. Not bad overall, but I expected much better.