Pizza Review
Today was a first. I got a slice of pizza at a drive-thru. No it wasn’t a walk-up window. I was in my car. Here is Strat’s. It has all of your Chicago classics: hot dogs, beefs, burgers, sandwiches, and pizza. The dough was super thin and huge flop. It was crispy, but cracked and flopped. This could’ve been due to the mini-meatball size sausage balls. Admittedly, it was a confusing experience, but the sausage had good seasoning. The slice did taste very fresh. Sauce was savory with average consistency; a few small chunks of tomato here and there. The flavor was actually very good. However, the execution of this thing was off. Messiest slice I may have eaten. Stuff sliding everywhere. A little sloppy. Although I cannot complain about convenience, freshness, and flavor. I’ll be back to try their other offerings. Super cool spot.