Pizza Review
When I order pizza from a pub, I fully expect a bar pie. Not that I was totally disappointed by this pizza, just a little shocked to see its actual large size and makeup. The first thing I noticed was the sauce spread on in a kind of swirl, sparse in some areas of the pie. A semi-chunky crushed tomatoes kind of sauce, with decent flavor but not enough coverage on the pizza. The dough is unique, a little more cracker-like than typical pizza dough and lacking in flavor. The cheese is easily the best part of the pie, melty, stringy, fantastic texture and taste. A little too much oregano atop the pie, definitely the overriding flavor of the entire pizza. The thin layer of oil provides the only lubricant on a mostly dry pie from the lack of sauce. The crust is nice and crispy but rather bland overall. With more sauce and the incorporation of some garlic & spices, this pie has potential; but as is, it’s a good pizza not worth traveling for, 20 minute trip tops.