Pizza Review
At first i almost gave this place an 8.3 but after eating it for lunch, and working the rest of the day, looking back i think i was just super hungry. The dough was very thin and crispy and had zero flop, even the meat lovers, or as they call it “ The Bear Trap”. As for the plain slices. The sauce/cheese/dough ratio was spot on. Sauce had a little zest to it but not much. Cheese wasnt rubbery and wasn’t overly greasy. The dough and crisp is what put it in the 8’s for me. As far as flavor i think it was lacking jusssst a little. Not that it was super bland or anything, but nothing really popped, that being said though, i think that you’ll be hard pressed to find a better pizzeria than Stumpy’s anywhere close. Pope’s is great and Nove looks promising, other than that, Stumpy’s is your spot. All sorts of slices in the showcase with unique specialty pizzas like Loaded French Fry Pizza and Pickle Pizza. My advice, do not pass this up.