Pizza Review
This place has been averaging in the 7’s... Also, Austan needs his reviews deleted. Can’t pay for a real pizza review? Fine but people expect real opinions so leave that blacked out, screen shot, stolen pic off of Google out of here. Sunny’s resides in a former fast food place (the insides remains relatively untouched from what it was before). Is this a 7 pizza? Eh, here’s how it comes close... The cheese is great. Plenty of it and it’s fresh, bonus. The sauce is relatively plain and the flavor is lost within the cheese. There’s no bite in this slice except in the crust. The dough is fresh and has a good taste but is severely undercooked for my taste. The website has an option for Well Done, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Overall, this pizza is good but it’s not in the 7’s good. Again, they have the foundation for a great pizza but this is just above average. Real pizza reviews from someone you can trust- BuffaloPizzaGuy