Pizza Review
Well...the time has finally come. I’ve tried to get a pie from Tacconelli’s a couple times over the last few weeks and...sold out...QUICK. This week, on Wednesday, I was able to call in and reserve 3 pies for today (take note). I’ve been chomping at the bit to get this review done and without a entire my pizza career (173 reviews).... Tacconelli’s is KING. There’s not a single flaw and for a guy that loves thin and crispy...there’s no competition. Whatever they are doing with their brick oven...genius. Zero flop...incredible sauce (not too sweet) and the cheese is A1. I always say...if I can eat 4-5-6’s my type of pizza and I’ve found a new love. This pie SMOKES everything I’ve ever tried in this city. I’ve only ever given 1 score in the 9’s over almost 200 reviews and I can’t see anything topping this. I’d legit buy a place closer just to eat this stuff regularly. It’s a MUST GO type of place. I’m pretty tough on my reviews...but if there’s better out there (I’m looking at you NY and CT) could only be a couple points superior. If you’re in Philly...find this place. 9.4. That’s a review.