Pizza Review
🏆BEST in NJ ALERT🏆 This is the closest you will find to NYC pizza in NJ. I can say this without exaggeration: this pie is just a notch below DiFara in Brooklyn...It’s THAT good! I don’t understand the polarizing reviews here one bit. This has just about everything I look for in good pizza, it literally checks all of the boxes. Thin? ✔️ Crispy? ✔️ Delicious sauce? ✔️ Flavorful fresh cheese? ✔️ Tasty dough? ✔️ The only real knock against it is the long wait times & a little pricey at roughly $25 a pie. But the wait & expense are both worth it. Sure, it’s a trendy spot but it’s LEGIT. The sauce is incredible...zesty, lots of kick, exploding with flavor in every bite. The imported mozzarella combined with the shredded Parmesan and pecorino romano is some of the best cheese I’ve ever had on a pizza. The dough, made with Hoboken water, which is basically like using NYC water, is amazingly outstanding, right down to the crispy bar-pie-like crust. A smattering of fresh chopped basil enhances the overall symphony of delectable flavors all working together to make one of the best pizza pies in New Jersey.