Pizza Review
Got the supreme New York style was very impressed sauce was good had a little flop as most of the ingredients were towards the middle. Crust was very crispy and crust was garlic buttery.

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Pizza Review
This tastes better than I expected it to from looking at it. The pizza looks a little soupy, which makes me think it could've used a little more time/heat. The extra pepperoni might've added to that too though. However, the first bite did correct some of my preconceptions. There's good flavor here. Not 'complex', but definitely herbal; the flavors seem to stand out rather than blend in. But I like it, each bite is enjoyable and tastes good. Red pepper does help it shine a bit brighter. There's a very slight off-flavor to me that I recognize from lesser pizzas (where it can sometimes be overbearing), but it's like I said, slight, and easily trumped by the other flavors. I wish I knew what causes this. The crust is crispy and buttery especially at the edges, which is my favorite part of this pizza. It's a good crust overall. A little more time/heat would've gotten that crisp more evenly distributed, but the recipe is great. Tasty. So where does it fall? To me, middle of the road. It's likeable, it's got flavor, it's got things going for it. It's got character. Certainly stands its ground over other pizzas, but not to my favorites. The flavors make me go 'yum 🙂', but not necessarily 'hmm! 🤤🤔' I think a few minor tweaks could bring this up a few points, but overall it's actually pretty good. And keep in mind that a lot of this is subjective. This place gets a lot of 8+ ratings. I think that's a bit strong, but some people might wholeheartedly disagree. It's certainly worth giving a try to see what you think. Plus, it seems like a fun date spot, where you can debate whether to try the NY style or go for the Chicago deep-dish (which admittedly does have me curious).