Pizza Review
Hoboken pizza is the closest NJ gets to NY pizza because when you think about it, they pretty much share the same water. NYC water is a key ingredient in good pies and Hoboken water has a similar effect on the dough and breads made there. From the eye test, this looks really good. Smoothly melted cheese with a nice sauce ratio atop dough that looks fairly crispy and delicious. Unfortunately, all that didn’t translate into a great taste. While the cheese is thick and gooey with a fantastic consistency, the sauce is terribly bland, lacking in any real flavor. Actually, the sauce might as well be nonexistent on this pie because you can hardly tell it’s there. The dough feels and tastes undercooked with practically zero crisp and is shockingly flavorless, leading me to believe it might not be made with Hoboken water. This is a very basic, borderline mediocre pizza with lots of room for improvement. Sauce needs a big kick with some spices and dough needs lots of crisping and then maybe we’re talking low 7s. But as it stands, this pie is a very unsexy 6.9, nothing special.