Pizza Review
While some may consider this to be a bar pie, it actually falls into a special category I call “Tavern Pie.” Slightly bigger than personal pizza size but a tad thicker, heavier & heartier than a normal bar pie. Judging by the encrusted burnt cheese around edges, this is a well done pan pizza. The dough is buttery & flaky with very good crisp and a tremendously crunchy crust. The cheese to sauce ratio is on point and also produces contrasting salty & sweet tastes. The cheese is somewhat thickish and retains a lot of salty grease, while the sauce is equally thick and sweet, providing a terrific balance of the opposing flavors. Overall, this is a unique pizza with a very sneaky pleasant aftertaste; the first bite doesn’t grab you right away but the deliciousness definitely sneaks up on you as you continue consuming the pie. Aside from a little too much oil and high salt content, this is a solid pizza to pair with a few beers and one of the better “Tavern Pies” in Jersey.