Pizza Review
Ordered 3 small pizzas, all have hand. Tossed dough. All three came out within 15 min and were piping hot! First pizza pepperoni, second Hawaiian, third the Sicilian (all meat). The crust on all three were between thin and pan, I prefer thin. There was virtually no flop! Little greasy and a little too much sauce. The sauce is sweet, all ingredients are of high quality and good taste! The crust was plentiful, would like to see a little more heat around the edge but still tasty. The pepperoni was a tad salty but not bad. Take into consideration this place is family owned and not a franchise, the inside of their small dining area is very clean and neat. I will only score the pepperoni yet, the others have the same base so should be similar in score. Mario’s has a good menu too include all the Italian favorites and the standard kids menu! The small 10” pizza was reasonably priced at $10.99 each. The 10” Pepperoni was $7.98. One bite, everybody knows the rules! One of the better pizza places in Knoxville. Needless to say we struggle in this area for good pizza. Mario’s is worth the visit!