Pizza Review
One bite. Everybody knows the rules. I had high hopes, but was pretty let down. A lot of people rant and rave about it, maybe the other items on the menu are great, but the pizza? Mediocre at best. Well, okay... enjoyable-mediocre, but still, this is comparable or even similar to a pizza that you’d find at a bowling alley or a random arcade somewhere in the boonies. Maximum flop, cheese was thick and probably artificial and the dough felt pretty tough. Good points are that the sauce is nice and tangy, and it’s pretty close to New York style. Otherwise, I guess I enjoyed it, mainly because I was starving and had to drive all the way the fuck out here... but is this place worth the drive? Absolutely not. Worth the meal after not eating for several hours? Hardly passes. Pizza is okay, nothing to shit your pants over. Well... maybe. That’s a review.