Months before the One Bite app was released I was steadily on the pizza review grind. Doesn't matter the city, doesn't matter the country, if theirs pizza, I'll score it. With that being said, Canadian pizza...not great!!!!
Pizza Review
The only reliable fresh slice spot in Nelson and a staple at "food corner" since 2001. The score is reflected in the fact that it is hard to maintain enough traffic in a town of 10,000 people to dish out fresh slices. But that's exactly what they have achieved for over two decades. Residents appreciate the constant specials that are always changing and unique. Slice score is a generous 7.0 while their whole pie score is 6.8. Not sure why, but the whole pies just aren't as good. Getting it fresh out of the oven is a necessity or else the dough turns to cardboard. In terms of pizza traditions it fits somewhere in between the heavy Hume / Leos style and cheap Vancouver slice style (e.g., Fresh Slice). So given that it plays it safe by appealing to everyone as a way to maintain traffic which keeps slices hot, I give this a 7.0 - even though this could be in the sixes under a different context. The other review that says it is like dominos is high on paint thinner. It is nothing like dominoes, in fact it is a significant step up from that and Canadian 2for1. Sometimes they add a lil garlic flavour or something to the crust, a lil twist or whathaveyou. Their basic peperoni and cheese is reflected in the score. It won't appease those looking for a real New York style or anything like a New Haven style. It's just not that. The Calzones are worth a try. But the king of the Calzones was Meditarrean Pizza / Itza (RIP) whose owner still makes pizza out in the valley so I've heard.