Pizza Review
Ok, hard review for me Frankie. I work in New Jersey, NYC, and Long Island, so, I kind of know good pizza, and while this is not bad pizza by any means, it’s definitely not an 8.3 NYC slice. If you’re reading this, and you live in rural Pennsylvania, and you want to try some good pizza, Timeless Destination beats the dick off any pizza joint in North Central Pennsylvania. At least that I’ve eaten at, and im no rookie at this. I fucking live for pizza. If I got this “Za” from the city, I’d give it like a 7.2. If i were rating this pizza solely on North Central Pa, I’d go 9.4. That being explained now, I’ll average the two scores. 8.3! I asked for “well done” and it was nice and browned on the bottom, but the top of it lacked a little doneness for my liking. The crust has great taste though. It’s chewy and full of air pockets making it light and its got a slight crisp to the bottom. This is very good crust and thats what makes this pizza better than all the other places around. Sauce was tangy, a little too much tang really, I like a slightly sweeter sauce, whether you get that from a little added sugar or less acidic better quality fresh tomatoes, that’s how i want the sauce. The cheese was fine and there was plenty of it. I added Basil, they charge you extra for it. Thats kind of bullshit but, whatever. Overall very good pizza. That’s a review.