Pizza Review
Opened in 2017, this is a sports bar strip mall pizzeria trying to cash in on imitation coal-fired New Haven style pizza; not to say that’s a bad thing, this is just a more modern take on traditional old school New Haven style well outside of the Pizza Mecca. Thinnish, but not razor thin, crispy, but not quite on par with New Haven crunch, the dough is plenty tasty but has a tad more hang & flop and not nearly as firm as I anticipated. Despite the slight lack of true crisp, the undercarriage is decently darkened but unable to duplicate that classic coal oven char. However, the crust is deliciously crunchy and quite possibly the single best attribute of the pie. A questionably quality shredded mozzarella blend, the cheese leans more towards generic. Despite a flavorfully sharp & tangy taste, the cheese is harboring a ton of unmanageable grease. Overly oily, the salty discharge from the gushing grease overpowers most of the flavor from the sauce. Lacking in volume & zest, the sauce is rather underwhelming; with a basic pizza flavor, the sauce isn’t distinctive or substantial enough to overcome the excess oil. Even with plenty of room for improvement, this is a solid pie overall, much better than traditional strip mall football pizza, just not real deal New Haven style, but certainly close enough and perfectly fine for this area. Not quite travel-worthy but it certainly could be with just a few adjustments.