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Pizza Review
Nothing annoys me more than when you call in an order for pickup, wait 20 minutes, get to the pizzeria and find out there was some sort of mixup and your pizza needs to be remade on the spot. But what really pisses me off is when they lie right to your face about it. When I walked in, they charged me for my pie and drink, I paid and tipped; the proprietor walked away from the register, started talking to the assistant and immediately started stretching dough. The assistant came over and said: “It’ll just be 5 more minutes.” A complete & total lie. I watched them stretch the dough, lay on the sauce & cheese and shove it in the oven. When the proprietor came back over to the register, I asked: “Is that my pizza that just went into the oven?” He replied: “No, yours is cooked.” And then he slunk away. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, the assistant pulled the pie out of the oven early, diced it up and handed me the box. No apology, no free drink or coupon, nothing…just straight up lied to my face about the situation. I’m going to review this fairly without being completely spiteful but these shenanigans will not be overlooked. Obviously everything came out undercooked. The dough was mega soft, teetering on uncooked in spots, needed at least 5 more minutes in the oven. The crust actually had a great zeppole texture and taste, very flavorful despite lack of crisp. The tomato sauce is also pleasantly tasty with a good balance of sweetness and zing, solid pop. The cheese is melted surprisingly well, lava-like, terrifically creamy & delicious despite not spending the requisite amount of time in the oven. Overall the pie wasn’t bad despite being floppy and sloppy from the rush job; clearly needing more crisping and time to settle. If cooked properly, this is probably a 7.8; but their shenanigans cost them a higher score. I’m being very generous and not vindictive at all with this 7.3 rating. Bottom line, don’t lie to your customers; be honest and accountable when you screw up an order.
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