Pizza Review
I’m not a huge fan of gimmick pies, but if you’re looking for some truly crazy concoctions, this joint has a wide variety of “Stoner’s Pizzas” with some of the most unique toppings you’ll ever see on a pie. I’m rating solely based on their plain cheese pizza but I’m sure some of these specialty pies are delicious. The regular slice is kind of thickish, pretty nice crisp, decent flavored dough, very good crispy crust. The sauce isn’t anything special, not bad by any means but I expected a little more flavor. Lots of thick & stringy cheese throughout the pie, a little too extra cheesy to be honest, feels like I’m chewing bubble gum. Overall, it’s an average pie; I would probably try a specialty slice instead if you find yourself here. The regular cheese is basically “Drunk Pizza.” You can find plenty of better cheese slices in Hoboken.

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