Pizza Review
Do yourself a favor and spring for the coal fired New Yorker instead of the standard cheese or pepperoni slice. It’s $31 for a large pie but 1000% worth it as this will likely be one of the best pies you’ve ever had. I skipped the ricotta but left everything else standard. The sauce is the star here, it is exquisite, and they give you quite a bit, both under and atop the cheese a la John’s of Bleecker. The garlic, oregano and pecorino romano are applied in light touches and compliment the sauce perfectly. The fennel sausage is also outstanding. Sauce and sausage are 10/10 on this. The fresh mozzarella is top notch, tastes about comparable to Grimaldi’s. The crust has a nice char and is thin with very little flop. There is a good crisp but it is still NY style/pliable and not as thin and crispy as a coal fired New Haven pie. Overall, these guys know what the hell they’re doing and put a lot of love into this pie and it shows. Stacks up very favorably with anything I’ve had in NYC (and apparently Tony’s sources some of their ingredients from there). A little more char/crisp on the crust and this would’ve been in the low 9’s for me. Their typical cheese/pepperoni slice is very good, but I’d have a hard time getting it again knowing the New Yorker is an option.