Pizza Review
M Score: 9.5 Crust: 2.8 Cheese: 2.9 Sauce: 2.8 Bonus: 1.0 Ranch? No “I love this guy. It has a salty bite to it, that I’m not mad about. Is the cheese sweet? It’s not the sauce. Did they buy sweet cheese? I love the sauce. I love the ratio of sauce to cheese (more sauce than cheese). Bonus point because the owner was fantastic. J Score: 9.6 Crust: “fabulous” ...2.9 Cheese: 2.8 Sauce: 2.9 Bonus: 1.0 Ranch? No “This is good. That’s the perfect crunch. I’m thinking don’t judge a book by its cover. Wow. I love how soft it is (crust) and then the crunch on the bottom. It’s a tad bit on the saltier side than the pizzas we’ve tried, but it somehow doesn’t take away from it. I love that there’s no sugar (cheating) within the sauce. It’s some good sh*t. I love the crisp that exists. It crinkles. It crunches. It’s not a floppy pizza. It holds structure—bonus points on how the ingredients compliment each other.