Pizza Review
Whether you can see it or not, this is a pepperoni. Also whether you can see it or not, it's pretty darn good. The sauce makes this pizza. It's rich and flavorful. The crust is deceivingly crunchy around the edges. If I had to nit-pick, some bites are drier than others, and I like a little more pepperoni (but I didn't do double so it's kinda my fault). I wanna go 7.9, but then I keep getting a bite of awesomeness here and there, that makes me wanna give it the 8. Eff it. It gets an 8. Not a rookie score. I'd tried these guys out some time back and wasn't all that impressed, but that was many years ago, and lots of reviews spoke to the contrary, so I figured I would try them out again. I am not disappoint.