Pizza Review
If I was rating on smell alone, this pizza would score in the high 9s...luckily, the taste comes pretty close to matching the olfactory sensation. Almost looks as good as it smells and tastes as good as it looks. The sauce is phenomenal, tangy, lots of zing, the driving force behind this pie. The cheese is spread perfectly and explodes with flavor as a light dusting of Parmesan enhances the taste. The dough is the only area lacking a little pizazz but the wonderfully crispy crust more than makes up for it. Overall it’s not quite New York or New Haven pizza but it’s among the top pies in Stamford and well worth a try.

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Pizza Review
What a disappointment. I’m with Dave Portnoy on this one. $9 + tax for two party cut slices. This is bought at 2pm, not that long after they’ve opened. I’m conflicted on whether I should’ve gotten a personal pie or I would’ve wasted it. *Di Fara* is $5 a slice! But that’s worth it. Just came from Mario the Baker an hour earlier. Definitely better. I’m on Day 2 of my Stamford pizza run while I’m in the area for one more day. On looks alone this pizza looks good. But frankly all I tasted was saltiness and the crust. I see oregano, couldn’t taste it. I see a decent amount of sauce, couldn’t taste it. They do give you parmesan, doubt it’s reggiano, but even that didn’t help somehow. Had a small amount of macaroni and cheese afterward and that parmigiana did help it’s taste. So I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not gonna do my usual breakdown by sauce, crust, and cheese because there’s not much to say except it’s cooked well enough and the cheese to sauce ratio was good. Just no taste and overpriced. Go to Sorrento Pizzeria and Restaurant or Mario the Baker, even John the Baker and Coalhouse are probably better just 2.5 miles up, or get something else downtown. Maybe I got a bad one that was out too late. It looks *really* good. But it was only 2pm and it’s not like other places don’t do a tasty slice that have been sitting out. I can’t recommend this place. Maybe get another pie and see yourself. But I didn’t like my slices, and even if I didn’t, neither did Dave.